Although each of my patterns is carefully tested by a hard-working team of testers, sometimes I go and “improve” something after I get their feedback and sometimes I mess something up. I greatly regret the error and hope that it’s caught before you start your project!


Throw Size Fabric 1 cutting diagram (page 5):
1. If your WOF is less than 43½”, piece C will not fit as shown. Use one of these alternate cutting layouts, depending on how much extra yardage you may have:

If using the layout on the left, join C1 (9″ x 30½”) to C2 (4″ x 30½”) on long edges to make C (12½” x 30½”).
Throw Size Fabric 5 cutting table (page 6):
4. Piece I should be 2″ x 10″.

Coloring Page: Fabrics 2 and 3 are reversed in all instances.


Thin Strip Set Combination Table (page 8 of paper pattern; page 7 of PDF):
1. The column labels should read “A: Odd Strips” and “B: Even Strips”. A and B are in the correct spots but the Odd/Even were reversed.
2. There is an extra row: Fabrics 1 and 7 are listed twice. Only 13 units need to be made (first row). Scratch out the row that indicates 1 unit using template E (second-last row).

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