Although each of my patterns is carefully tested by a hard-working team of testers, sometimes I go and “improve” something after I get their feedback and sometimes I mess something up. I greatly regret the error and hope that it’s caught before you start your project!


If you see “Revised June 2020” under the Materials chart on the back cover of your pattern, these changes are already incorporated into the pattern.

Throw Size Fabric 1 cutting diagram (page 5):
1. If your WOF is less than 43½”, piece C will not fit as shown. Use one of these alternate cutting layouts, depending on how much extra yardage you may have:

If using the layout on the left, join C1 (9″ x 30½”) to C2 (4″ x 30½”) on long edges to make C (12½” x 30½”).
Throw Size Fabric 5 cutting table (page 6):
4. Piece I should be 2″ x 10″.

Coloring Page: Fabrics 2 and 3 are reversed in all instances.


Thin Strip Set Combination Table (page 8 of paper pattern; page 7 of PDF):
1. The column labels should read “A: Odd Strips” and “B: Even Strips”. A and B are in the correct spots but the Odd/Even were reversed.
2. There is an extra row: Fabrics 1 and 7 are listed twice. Only 13 units need to be made (first row). Scratch out the row that indicates 1 unit using template E (second-last row).