A Plastic-Free Quilt-In-Progress Storage System

My quilting studio has finally gotten so messy, that my brain totally goes offline when I’m in there.
When I moved my studio into this room, I didn’t have a system for storing Works in Progress.
I wanted to avoid plastic bins, if possible. I also wanted a large, flat surface to lay out quilt blocks blocks, fabric strips, quilt patterns, etc in whatever state they were when I paused the project.

Never run out of binding again!

The Magical Rainbow of Binding™ is a FREE printable quick reference PDF that gives you the binding length in inches, number of strips of binding, and required yardage at a glance for any quilt size! You can even choose between 2″, 2 1/4″, and 2 1/2″ wide binding strips.

Get the hottest, freshest, modern quilt patterns!

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Arctic Vortex PDF Pattern

Riveting PDF Pattern

Intersectional PDF Pattern

Retro Tetro PDF Pattern

Retro Tetro Quilt Pattern front cover