Bless This Mess

The first thing to fall by the wayside when energy is scarce will always be cleaning.

So it’s no surprise that the sewing studio got even more out of hand than last year. All the systems in the world won’t keep a space tidy if you just don’t have the energy to put stuff away, or your temporary holding places have filled up and you aren’t up to the task of dealing with them.

Never run out of binding again!

The Magical Rainbow of Binding™ is a FREE printable quick reference PDF that gives you the binding length in inches, number of strips of binding, and required yardage at a glance for any quilt size! You can even choose between 2″, 2 1/4″, and 2 1/2″ wide binding strips.

Get the hottest, freshest, modern quilt patterns!

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Orbital PDF Pattern

Riveting PDF Pattern

Intersectional PDF Pattern