How to increase digital pattern sales at trunk shows (virtual and in person!)

Congratulations! You made the pivot to online lectures and trunk shows! Just in time to start pivoting back to in person programs for quilt guilds and quilt shows (fingers crossed!)
While virtual teaching has given us many opportunities (no travel time = reaching more groups! Students can’t important supplies at home, because they ARE at home!) the loss of the merch table at the end of class can certainly leave a teacher’s pockets feeling a bit lighter.
Fortunately, this is an easy problem to solve, if we look to the high converting sales techniques that digital marketers have tuned for their product launches.

But what does EQ8 DO?

Recently, I’ve been sharing a lot of mock-ups that I create in EQ8, and I got this great question.
Does EQ8 allow you to create a quilt completely from scratch? For example: Could I put in the overall measurements then draw in the pieces? And does it help you calculate fabric and seam allowances?
Today, in the light of day, I can show you what some of that looks like!

Beyond the “Top Nine” — Finding Patterns in your Instagram Insights

“Top nine” Instagram posts can add some much needed Instagram filler content during a busy time of year for us creative entrepreneurs, when you’re either shipping out orders or rushing to make those final hand-made gifts. They can also be a good reminder to look through your Instagram insights and see what they can tell you about how your Instagram feed content performs.

Look through the various facets of your insights, and scroll through the whole year, not just the top. You may find some surprises!

Some patterns that I noticed looking at the insights for my business Instagram account:

The Evolution of Retro Tetro

Retro Tetro was the first quilt pattern that I ever published. But before that, an earlier version of it was also the first quilt that I ever designed and made. (It’s also my oldest UFO, but let’s ignore that for now!)

My goal was to make a baby blanket that looked like a Tetris game that was going well. All results when I searched for images of “Tetris blanket” showed a major lack of understanding of how the game was played. In fact, they looked like someone was deliberately trying to play the worst game of Tetris possible, making it impossible to get any full rows.

As a non-quilter, I started the design process in PowerPoint. It was my go-to program for drawing geometric shapes, and I knew my way around it very well.

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Craft an Instagram page that sells without selling out, in just 10 minutes a day
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