Don’t let your Instagram account get hacked!

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This is a super not fun post, but just like nagging students to close their rotary cutters, I’d rather be a downer than see someone get hurt.

I had already outlined this new lesson for IGnition™, my program where I teach creative business owners how to craft an Instagram account that sells without selling out, when I saw another horror story:

“This happened 5 years ago, it was hacked into, and yes- I have complete and total trauma from that… I had gained close to 116k followers… I had thousands of posts on that account. Now they are all gone. Just like that. All the hashtags, everything. To say I’m devastated is an understatement. I feel like my business and all of my hard work has been taken away from me, in an instant.”

Chilling. If it can happen to someone who has been using Instagram for business for over 5 years, with that big of a following, it could happen to your business Instagram account.

I don’t like to fear-monger. I certainly don’t blame the victim.

But I’ve seen more and more businesses hacked or locked out of their Instagram accounts, and I know the feeling of helplessness when all the “help” and “support” links lead you to a brick wall.

Rather than hope it doesn’t happen to you, and then reaching out to see if someone you know might know someone who knows someone whose sister’s boyfriend’s roommate works at Facebook (in the server maintenance department, but maybe they know someone who can help?), I’m sharing this FREE 5-minute lesson that can keep you out of hot water:

5 Steps to Secure your Instagram Account

(If you’re already enrolled in IGnition™, just log in. You’ll see a new Bonus: Day 8.)

If you haven’t joined IGnition™ yet, I’ve set this up as a 3-day free preview, because I never want you to go through that kind of agony, and I would feel like the worst kind of jerk if I used someone else’s suffering to sell my stuff. But if you get value from my guided, step-by-step, click-by-click videos, there’s more of that inside.

(The preview will expire 3 days after you enrol. This is too important to sit at the bottom of a to-do list. Procrastinators: I see you.)

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