Best Posts of 2020

My favourite 5 blog posts of 2020 include a round-up of quilt binding techniques, my favourite new quilt pattern from this year, fabric storage tips, a Geeky Biz post for my fellow online marketers, and a cute, quick project tutorial!

I’m happy to see that my most viewed blog posts of the past year were on the helpful side!

But what does EQ8 DO?

Recently, I’ve been sharing a lot of mock-ups that I create in EQ8, and I got this great question.
Does EQ8 allow you to create a quilt completely from scratch? For example: Could I put in the overall measurements then draw in the pieces? And does it help you calculate fabric and seam allowances?
Today, in the light of day, I can show you what some of that looks like!

It’s Raining Cats and Cats

The Les Chats Noirs fabric collection by Leeza Hernandez for Dear Stella, with some of its black and white prints reading as grey from a distance, wanted to be mocked up in my Downpour quilt pattern, as “It’s Raining Cats and Cats.”
The thing that I love most about designing quilts in EQ8 is how easy it is to mock up a pattern in a different set of fabrics using the Swap Color button.

Beyond the “Top Nine” — Finding Patterns in your Instagram Insights

“Top nine” Instagram posts can add some much needed Instagram filler content during a busy time of year for us creative entrepreneurs, when you’re either shipping out orders or rushing to make those final hand-made gifts. They can also be a good reminder to look through your Instagram insights and see what they can tell you about how your Instagram feed content performs.

Look through the various facets of your insights, and scroll through the whole year, not just the top. You may find some surprises!

Some patterns that I noticed looking at the insights for my business Instagram account:

Scrappy Arctic Vortex Tree Skirt – a fabric story

Do you have emotional reactions to your fabrics? You know the type: The fat quarter that you bought on vacation and used a bit in one economy block of a very special baby quilt. The out of print unicorn that you found in a scrap bag that was handed down to you by a fellow … Continue reading Scrappy Arctic Vortex Tree Skirt – a fabric story