It’s Raining Cats and Cats

Although my fabric stash is a bit embarrassingly huge, for someone who’s only been quilting and curating a fabric collection for just over 4 years, there’s one type of print that will get me every time.

I love a hand drawn black and white print illustration. (Have you seen my cow wallpaper and kitty mug in my Instagram stories?) I love cats.

The breakfast nook at gbHQ

So black and white hand drawn cat illustration prints on fabric??? Take. My. Money.

When Dear Stella announced the new Les Chats Noirs collection by their new designer Leeza Hernandez, I immediately stalked her entire Instagram feed, went on a liking spree, and fangirled all over her fun, quirky illustrations.

Have you met Nigel? He’s the star of the show over at Leezaworks. With his giant eyes, he has so much personality. The ultimate curious kitty getting into mischief! I was instantly in love, and Leeza and I started chatting about our mutual love of frisky felines.

(And puns. Seriously, go read the captions on Leeza’s Instagram posts. They’re purrfect!)

I couldn’t wait to create a quilt with her adorable fabric collection Les Chats Noir.

A black and white fabric collection can work on so many of my quilt designs, but this collection, with some of its black and white prints reading as grey from a distance, wanted to be mocked up in my Downpour quilt pattern, as “It’s Raining Cats and Cats.” Did I mention puns and quirky sense of humour??

The thing that I love most about designing quilts in EQ8 is how easy it is to mock up a pattern in a different set of fabrics using the Swap Color button.

With just a few minutes of tweaking to get the right “greys” in the right location, I think I got it almost purrfect!

What quilt would you make with these fab kitties?

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