The Vortex Quilt

vortex quilt - modern geometric quilt pattern by geeky bobbin

My latest pattern, Vortex, was just published in Make Modern Magazine, issue 33. Vortex started off as a diamond shaped log cabin block, and then I gave it a twist. I love how it looks like the strips are overlapping themselves. I gave the blocks an extra juicy centre so I could flex my fussy cutting skills.

Fussy cut diamond and fat quarters for Vortex quilt pattern by Geeky Bobbin

I chose a nice spectrum of cool colours from Giucy Giuce’s Declassified collection and coordinating Spectrastatic blenders. The star of the show is the super-fussy-cuttable Crop Circles print. I tweaked the colour combinations and gradations a dozen times before I was happy with the final layout. In the picture above, I had too much contrast in the neutral groupings, and not enough variation within the coloured groupings. As you can see below, the blocks work best when there’s a gradation in the 3 colours used in each block. Then I continued the swirl effect with a gradation from the lightest blocks in the centre, going darker toward the outside.

Straight line quilting and colour progression give the Vortex quilt a sense of depth

The generous lap size quilt finishes at 64″ x 84″. Best of all, it’s fat quarter friendly, so you can pull a bundle from your stash and start stitching!

Beautiful quilt binding and geometric quilting on Vortex quilt by Geeky Bobbin

The geometric shapes lend themselves to straight line quilting, either with a walking foot or a ruler.

Straight line quilting on wool batting gives the Vortex quilt great texture
Vortex quilt pattern by Geeky Bobbin, in Make Modern Magazine issue 33

Get the pattern in Make Modern Magazine Issue 33 now!

2 thoughts on “The Vortex Quilt

  1. Wow, your fabric combination makes this quilt. It is a quilt that you look at for a long time to dismember it. LOVE IT>

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