Book Review: Design, Make, Quilt Modern by Heather Black of Quiltachusetts

Do you design the quilts that you make?

Unless you only buy kits and construct quilt tops exactly according to the pattern, and hire out the quilting, you’re actually making many design decisions along the way that make your quilt uniquely yours. The colours, overall layout, fabric choices, quilting, and finishing details all contribute to the overall design and esthetic of every quilt that you make, more so than the choice of pattern.

Have you ever come across a quilter whose whole esthetic just makes your heart sing? That’s how I felt when I met the quilts of Heather Black, also known as Quiltachusetts. I loved LOVED the curvy, strippy, modern vibe of her quilt patterns, but it was her quilting that really took her quilts to the next level.

If you’re like me, you strive to design your quilting to enhance the piecing without overwhelming it, and Heather’s quilts do exactly that.

So I was beyond thrilled to receive Heather’s new book Design, Make, Quilt Modern, which released just last week.

In the book, Heather walks you through all the steps of designing a modern quilt. Heather lectured on creating balance and depth in quilt designs at QuiltCon a few years ago, and I refer back to my notes from that lecture when designing every quilt since; these design principles are beautifully explained in the Design Basics chapter, with illustrations from Heather’s own design process on her award winning quilts.

The following chapters use this same approach to guide you through colour selection, designing quilting that will perfectly enhance the overall design, all the way through to the final details of backing and binding.

Best of all, Heather included worksheets to help you explore your own unique preferences and skill sets to help you discover the design esthetic that makes your quilts uniquely yours.

The book includes patterns for four of Heather’s quilts.

This book is an excellent resource for any modern quilter, and I’m sure I’ll be reaching for it time and again as I design my quilts.

Design, Make, Quilt Modern is available now in Heather’s online shop and from C&T Publishing.

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