Hello, Hoppers!

Welcome, new friends! I’m Bobbie, it’s great to meet you.

When I walk in the door of a party, I love when the host takes my coat, offers me a cider, and points me at the snack table right away. So please consider these links the guac and pretzel chips while I comment on how soft your scarf is.

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Now that you’re settled in, let me introduce you to the folks in the room. Some are good friends of mine, some are the friend-of-a-friend I just met and can’t quite remember what her name is. Here’s my secret for dealing with that: I’ll bring you over to her and say “have you met my friend?” and then you’ll introduce yourself, and then SHE will respond by introducing HERSELF, and we’ll ALL know each other’s names, without that awkward thing where you have to pretend your brain isn’t a sieve.

So please, say hello to:

The Cloth Parcel

Designs by Sarah J

Powered by Quilting

Lone Star Pattern Works

Rona the Ribbiter Quilts

Seam to Be Sew

Quilt Fox Designs

Faith and Fabric

Linen Closet Designs

Cottage Rose Quilt Patterns

Check back soon for the next set of shop hop links!

If you’re like me, all of your upcoming quilty events have been postponed or cancelled. (I was supposed to be on in Newfoundland right now to teach some fun workshops to an amazing, enthusiastic group of quilters! Sad panda!) Hopefully, you find yourself now stitchin’ up a storm at home. I invite you to take a break and join me on a virtual pattern designer shop hop! Say THAT three times fast!

Come join the fun and virtually hop on over to some of my favourite friends in the quilting industry!! Starting on Saturday, March 21st , I’ll invite you to explore the newest offerings, patterns, and notions from my fellow designers. You’ll meet new pattern designers, explore new quilting websites, and maybe make a purchase or two along the way. They each have something unique to offer to you, our virtual shop hoppers!

With new and exciting sites to explore throughout the week, you’ll be happy you took and break and virtually hopped and shopped with all of our new friends!

If you can’t wait to hop, check out #stayathomeandhop and #stayathomeandshop on Instagram.

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