Arctic Vortex Quilt Along Week 3

I hope you’ve got an itch to STITCH! This week we’re starting to sew our Vortex blocks! If you’re making the mini, watch the YouTube video in Step 1 below. Eager beavers can work ahead, but really Team Mini is on pause until Week 5.

Arctic Vortex Quilt Along

Dates: October 3 through November 27, 2023
Duration: 8 weeks
Quilt Sizes: Tree skirt or hexagonal quilt:

  • Large: 53” x 61”
  • Medium: 47” x 56”
  • Mini: 23” x 28”


Week 1: Pick your fabrics, get your pattern, plan your coloring sheet
Week 2: Cut, label, and organize your pieces
Week 3: Make 3 Vortex Blocks
Week 4: Make 3 Vortex Blocks
Week 5: Make 12 Setting Triangles
Week 6: Assemble quilt top & Prepare to quilt
Week 7: Quilt
Week 8: Bind

Read the FAQs

Step 1: Attach the first strip to your diamond.

Follow the pattern for details of which strip. If you’re new to sewing with with 60-degree and 120-degree angles, you’ll want to watch this tutorial first. I’ll show you how NOT to line up your pieces, and 2 ways to get them to match up just right.

Step 2: Attach the second strip with a partial seam

Don’t Panic!

You’ve probably sewn a partial seam before and you didn’t even know it. Partial seams are really No Big Deal. Here’s the scoop:

Step 3: Finish the block!

Get all your strips attached, then close up the partial seam. Then do it again 2 more times to make 3 blocks in total

Step 4: Share!

Share your 3 beautiful Vortex blocks on Instagram using #ArcticVortexQAL

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