Autumn Quilt Inspiration: Pumpkin Spice and Peacock Plume

There’s a chill in the air and the days are getting shorter. That means 3 things:

  1. Everything is about to get VERY pumpkin spice oriented on social media
  2. Squirrels are trying to live in my roof rent-free*
  3. Quilt palettes are about to turn warm and cozy, like roasted root veg and decorative gourds << sweary comedy article! Don’t click if you’re offended by swears!!

So pull up an overstuffed armchair, grab a steaming mug of pumpkin spice oat milk chai tea latte and a gluten free, nut free, dairy free, vegan, free range pumpkin spice scone, and prepare to be inspired by some beautiful, seasonal colour palettes in the Peacock Plume collection from Island Batik!

First up, feast your eyes on the richness of this Glitch quilt! I love the depth of some of these prints. They give me the coziest vibea and make me want to reach out and touch the quilt!

Next I mocked up a mini Crystalize quilt with those beautiful berry tones giving a great contrast against the light background print. Wouldn’t this make a wonderful cushion cover?

Not only is this Riveting quilt super cozy in all these rich, warm tones, its large pieces really show off the intricate plume designs on the prints.

And no autumn quilt inspiration post would be complete without a harvest moon version of the Moonrise quilt. That moon absolutely glows, and the texture on the batik prints is perfect for giving the moon a hint of craters.

Buy the patterns

Oh, you want the squirrel story?

This pesky pair saw a vacancy where the starlings had previously nested over a 3rd storey dormer window. I never evicted the starlings because they were fairly quiet and polite uninvited guests. But these squirrels decided that they would do some noisy renovations to make the space a bit more open concept, and I was Just Not Having It.

We didn’t want them to get too comfy, so I banged on the adjacent wall with a shoe, and stuck my head out the skylight and told them that they aren’t welcome here. I tried to get a picture of them entering and exiting the gap in the soffit, but they seem to be camera shy.

The next day, Mr. Bobbin called up The Squirrel Guy to serve up an eviction notice, in the form of this hideous one-way door contraption. I finally managed to snap a picture of one of them looking a bit surprised. They didn’t hang around, which hopefully means we booted them out before they could drop any pups into the nest.

Sept 27:        Tammy Silvers – Tamarinis

                      Jen Frost – Faith and Fabric

                      Geeky Bobbin   (hey, you are here!)

Sept 28:         Leanne Parsons – Devoted Quilter

                      Laura Strickland – Orange Blossom Quilt Design

                      Sara Flynn – Offbeat Quilts

                      Pamela Boatright – Pamela Quilts

Sept 29:         Swan Sheridan – Swan Amity Studios

                      Lisa Ruble – Love to Color My World

                      Claudia Porter – Create with Claudia

Sept 30:        Laura Piland – Slice of Pi Quilts

                      Raija Salomaa – Quilter’s Treasure Chest

                      Kathryn LeBlanc – Dragonfly’s Quilting Design Studio

Oct 1:            Kate Colleran – Kate Colleran Designs

                     Sherry Shish – Powered By Quilting

                     Becca Fenstermaker – Pretty Piney Quilts

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