Retro Tetro Quilt Along Week 4

We’re making Diagonal Stripe blocks this week using the flippy-corner method!

Retro Tetro Quilt Along

Dates: September 15 through November 23
Duration: 10 weeks
Quilt Sizes: Mini, Crib, Throw, or Twin

How to Quilt Along

Share your progress on Instagram using #retrotetroqal. That’s where you’ll find the weekly photo prompts, livestreams, and more! Sign up here to be eligible for prizes, and get the weekly emails with tips for the coming week’s fun.

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Week 1: Pick your fabrics, get your pattern, plan your coloring sheet
Week 2: Cut, label, and organize your pieces
Week 3: Make Large HSTs
Week 4: Make Block 2 (12 blocks)
Week 5: Make Small HSTs
Week 6: Make Block 3 (10 blocks)
Week 7: Make Blocks 4 (8 blocks)
Week 8: Make Block 5 (8 blocks)
Week 9: Sew blocks and strips into columns
Week 10: Finish quilt top

Step 1: Get organized

Open up your pattern to page 10. The Block 2 Combination Table is your checklist.

From your Large HSTs, find the blocks made from the colours in the first 2 columns (A and B).

The smallest squares that you put in the “Block 2 & 4” bag are what you need for the Color C column.

geeky bobbin quilt blocks - diagonal stripe quilt blocks for retro tetro quilt pattern

Step 2: Mark your line

Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on the wrong side of the Color C square.

If you like, pin the square to the Color B half of the HST.

Step 3: Chain piece!

This time we’re stitching directly on the line.

Optional: Bonus HSTs

I’m not a huge fan of the flippy-corner method because the little triangles that you cut off end up as waste. If you’re an efficiency freak like I am, you can stitch 1/2″ away from the seam (on the corner side) and get a wee bonus HST to use in another project.

The world’s tiniest, most ridiculous bonus HSTs

Step 4: Press

Press that beautiful corner triangle open to reveal a diagonal stripe block. Pause to marvel at the brilliance of your fabric choices. Everything should be nicely lined up.

Step 5: Trim

Cut off the corner, leaving a 1/4″ seam allowance. I leave this step until after pressing, just in case pressing reveals anything that might require adjustment, but if you’re like most people, you probably already did this before pressing. (Then again, if you were like most people, you wouldn’t be reading this. I applaud you in your thoroughness! We can have a secret handshake of some sort!)

You should have 12 Diagonal Stripe blocks.

Step 6: Label Block 2

Use the Block 2 Combination Table on page 10 to find the block numbers for your large Diagonal Stripe blocks. Check your Coloring Page to see which way each block should be oriented, then label the block with its number at the top. Put these blocks in alpha-numeric order with their background strips & Block 1s.

There should be some small squares left in your bag. We will use them to make Block 4 in a few weeks.

Step 7: Share!

Remember to share your progress on Instagram using #retrotetroqal.


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Geeky Bobbin retro tetro quilt design in Electric Quilt software

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