Retro Tetro Quilt Along Week 9

We’re in the home stretch!! Blocks are all done and looking BEAUTIFUL!! I’m so impressed with everyone’s progress!

Now it’s time to join the background strips and put together the columns.

Retro Tetro Quilt Along

Dates: September 15 through November 23
Duration: 10 weeks
Quilt Sizes: Mini, Crib, Throw, or Twin

How to Quilt Along

Share your progress on Instagram using #retrotetroqal. That’s where you’ll find the weekly photo prompts, livestreams, and more! Sign up here to be eligible for prizes, and get the weekly emails with tips for the coming week’s fun.

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Week 1: Pick your fabrics, get your pattern, plan your coloring sheet
Week 2: Cut, label, and organize your pieces
Week 3: Make Large HSTs
Week 4: Make Block 2 (12 blocks)
Week 5: Make Small HSTs
Week 6: Make Block 3 (10 blocks)
Week 7: Make Blocks 4 (8 blocks)
Week 8: Make Block 5 (8 blocks)
Week 9: Sew blocks and strips into columns
Week 10: Finish quilt top

Step 1: Get organized

We’re working on page 12 of the pattern.

Grab your background strips. If you labeled and sorted them back when you cut everything out, this will be a snap!

We’re making 10 columns, some of which have more than one strip of background with blocks in between. This is where the block number labels come in.

My preferred way to work through this is to have a stack for each column, with the blocks and strips stacked in order.

Step 2: Join strips

We’re using the stitch-and-flip method to join background strips. This is probably the same way that you make your binding, but you’ll have to pay a bit more attention to get the joins right.

Remember my mantra: Lay it out on top of the pattern.

Check that your edges line up when your seam opens and adjust if you need to.

Step 3: Join blocks

Join the blocks in with a straight seam. Pay attention to your points, use the thumbnail indent trick, and nest seams if needed.

Step 4: Press

Alternate pressing direction (toward the top, or toward the bottom) for each column. This is especially helpful in the lower section where the blocks are, as it will help you nest seams (and maybe even spin them? Are you a seam spinning convert?)

(Of course, I went off script and changed it up so that each individual seam would be as un-bulky as possible.)

Step 5: Share!

Remember to share your progress on Instagram using #retrotetroqal.

Rows D & E! All done and ready for some nesting!


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