Arctic Vortex Quilt Along Week 5

Can you believe we’re half way through the Arctic Vortex Quilt Along? If you’re making the mini quilt, you’re finally ready to sew some quilt blocks! The rest of us are shifting gears from diamond quilt blocks to some super speedy triangle quilt blocks to fill in the outer edge of our hexagon quilts or quilted tree skirts.

Arctic Vortex Quilt Along

Dates: September 27 through November 22, 2022
Duration: 8 weeks
Quilt Sizes: Tree skirt or hexagonal quilt:

  • Large: 53” x 61”
  • Medium: 47” x 56”
  • Mini: 23” x 28”


Week 1: Pick your fabrics, get your pattern, plan your coloring sheet
Week 2: Cut, label, and organize your pieces
Week 3: Make 3 Vortex Blocks
Week 4: Make 3 Vortex Blocks
Week 5: Make 12 Setting Triangles
Week 6: Assemble quilt top & Prepare to quilt
Week 7: Quilt
Week 8: Bind

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Step 1: Make strip sets.

Check the Arctic Vortex Quilt pattern for how many strip sets to sew and which order the fabrics go in. Remember to double check if the instructions call for WOF (40-ish inches) or half-WOF strips.

Whether you’re making a mini quilt and excited to finally start sewing, or if you just want a refresher on sewing tricky angles:

Step 2: Sub-cut strip sets

Use the measurements in the pattern to measure the long edge of each trapezoid, then cut at the angle shown in the diagrams.

Step 3: Assemble setting triangles

The trapezoids are cut a bit generously, so it’s ok if you have a little hanging off the bottom of your triangle. You can either trim it off now, or after you finish quilting. Attach the small trapezoid to the right side of the center triangle first.

If you’re making the large size, attach sashing strips.

Step 4: Share!

Share your 12 (6 for the mini) beautiful Setting Triangles on Instagram using #ArcticVortexQAL

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