Glitch Along Week Two

It’s week 2!! Thanks so much for sharing, and it’s not too late to join in.

This week, we’re cutting. And cutting. And more cutting!

How to Quilt Along

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Week 1: Pick your fabric, get your pattern, print your foundations, plan your coloring sheet
Week 2: Cut
Week 3: Make Thick Strip Sets
Week 4: Make Block 1s
Week 5: Make Thin Strip Sets
Week 6: Make Block 2s
Week 7: Make Blocks 3s & 4s
Week 8: Sew blocks into pairs
Week 9: Sew pairs into quadrants
Week 10: Finish quilt top

Step 1: Get ready

Change your rotary cutter blade and decide which ruler to use.

Seriously. You don’t want to put this off. I’ll wait.

Step 2: Starch and press

All our blocks are on the bias. To paraphrase Master Yoda, bias leads to stretch. Stretch leads to hatred. Hatred leads to suffering. Use the starch, Luke.

Step 3: Cut strips

We’re going to be cutting a lot of strips! (I counted: it’s 114 strips. A lot.) Whether you’re using my favorite Stripology rulers or a regular quilting ruler, you need to make sure your fabric is square before you make your cut. Here’s how I like to do it:

You can see why I love the Stripology ruler so much, right? No lifting the ruler and moving it around, so I know my cuts are parallel and even, and I don’t have my rotary cutter veering away from the ruler on me.

Step 4: Sub-cut the super wide strips

This is the part where things might get confusing. Cut out your triangles with the long edge along the bottom or top of the strip, just like the diagram in the pattern. Then check the Fabric Requirements Table to see what to do with the leftovers. You’ll either cut some thick strips, thin strips, both, or none. We’ll use these for the shorter pieces and partial strip sets.

Step 5: Share!

Remember to share your progress on Instagram using #glitchalong


This week’s prize is a fat quarter bundle of Spectrastatic fabric sponsored by Giucy Giuce!

Giucy Giuce (AKA  Giuseppe Ribaudo) learned to sew from his grandmother at a young age. In 2008 he began quilting and has never looked back. Not only a fabric/pattern designer and quilt instructor, he is also the multimedia manager at Andover Fabrics. Giuseppe resides just outside of Manhattan in Queens. He is an avid modern traditionalist quilter with a great passion for simple design in bright colors.

With Spectrastatic, Giuseppe has taken the photocopy texture (also known as noise or static) used throughout his forthcoming DECLASSIFIED collection to bring you a spectrum of colors. Half of the colors coordinate with DECLASSIFIED and the other half works with Quantum and his next full fabric collection to be released in 2020. The colors are a unique mix of gem tones and brights made to complement a variety of fabrics from modern to reproduction.

Head over to today’s Instagram post for the details!

PS – I set up a FaceBook group, for those who prefer that particular social media platform. All of the official and giveaway content will still be on Instagram, but I know there are folks who LIVE on fb, and I’m happy to enable quilty community on any platform!

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