Glitch Along Week One

I’m so excited to get this party started!! (Which party? The Glitch-Along Party!!)

This week, we’re getting all our materials together to make our Glitch quilts.

How to Quilt Along

Share your progress on Instagram using #glitchalong. That’s where you’ll find the weekly photo prompts, livestreams, and more! Sign up here to be eligible for prizes, and get the weekly emails with tips for the coming week’s fun.

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Week 1: Pick your fabric, get your pattern, print your foundations, plan your coloring sheet
Week 2: Cut
Week 3: Make Thick Strip Sets
Week 4: Make Block 1s
Week 5: Make Thin Strip Sets
Week 6: Make Block 2s
Week 7: Make Blocks 3s & 4s
Week 8: Sew blocks into pairs
Week 9: Sew pairs into quadrants
Week 10: Finish quilt top

Step 1: Buy the pattern.

Step 1b: Make corrections to the 2 small errors in the pattern.

Step 2: Plan your quilt! The pattern has tips for choosing fabrics, but I always recommend mocking it up on a colouring page. As much as I love my pencil crayons, PreQuilt is SO much faster! Especially for a quilt like Glitch where you’re using a small number of colours across a large number of pieces. Go to the Glitch PreQuilt page, click “Colour this Quilt” to load the colouring page, then hit the “Colour Book” tab on the left. To change a colour, click on the pencil beside it and pick your colour. Easy peasy! When you’re done, make sure to download your finished colouring page (or take a screenshot. Or snap a picture of your computer screen!) because you’ll need it for this week’s giveaway!

Step 3: Get your fabrics! If you don’t have what you need in your stash, we have some amazing Glitch-Along sponsors to help you out! Check the Glitch-Along email for discount codes for Purple KATZ Quilting, Stache Fabrics, Troll Brothers Quilt Designs, and Mashe Modern! Remember: You need your cuts to be WOF or across the bolt. No fat quarters! (Ok, technically you might be able to make it work with fat quarters for Fabrics 2 and 9, but it WILL be confusing, so attempt it at your own risk!)

I’ll be sewing my Glitch with these gorgeous DECLASSIFIED fabrics by Giucy Giuce for Andover Fabics! Look for them at your local quilt shop in October!

Step 4: Prepare your foundations.

We’re really getting our arts & crafts on this week, folks! If you have the PDF pattern, each foundation template file has the number of copies right in the filename. If you have the hardcopy pattern, it’s written on each page. Either way, try to use thin paper.

I like to tape my foundations to a large window while I glue them together. Trim off excess paper, leaving about 1/2″ around the dashed seam allowance line.

Follow the Taping Diagrams to make all the necessary strip set foundations. Personally, I prefer to glue my papers together with a glue stick, since tape can melt under your iron, but if you finger press as you go rather than ironing, tape might work fine for you. If you’re like me, you’ll also want to mark your foundations with the colors or fabric names to avoid confusion when you’re sewing. The Strip Set Combination Tables will tell you which fabrics go with which foundations.

Mark the fabric names or colors on each strip to avoid confusion when it’s time to sew!

Don’t worry about getting all the foundations done at once. You’ll need the ABCD templates for week 3 and the EFGH templates for week 5.

Step 5: Share!

Remember to share your progress on Instagram using #glitchalong


This week’s prize is 6 months Basic PreQuilt subscription for free sponsored by PreQuilt!

Gar and Laura of PreQuilt

PreQuilt is an online design tool for quilters. It’s a web application, meaning all you need is the internet to get started. PreQuilt is preloaded with all your favourite quilt blocks and colour swatches from Kona, Free Spirit, and more. Jump in and start designing your next quilt with our preloaded blocks, or create your own quilt block designs for your own unique designs. In a design rut? Need some colour or design inspiration? Let the PreQuilt randomization features dazzle you by randomizing colours, block rotations, and block layouts to jump start your creative process. You’ll discover colour combinations and design layouts that you may never have considered. Get started on your next quilt at!

Win 6 months of our Basic PreQuilt subscription for free! Design and save up to 25 quilts as well as create and save custom quilt blocks to your personal block library (and so much more)!

Win 6 months of our Basic PreQuilt subscription for free! Design and save up to 25 quilts as well as create and save custom quilt blocks to your personal block library (and so much more)!

Head over to today’s Instagram post for the details!

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