I love a good quilt-along! Quilting has always been about community, and the Glitch Quilt Along (or Glitch-Along) will be a great way to bond with your fellow quilters. Support, inspiration, prizes, maybe a little drama… You won’t want to miss this one!

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Glitch Quilt Along

Dates: August 19 through October 27
Duration: 10 weeks
Quilt Size: 64″ x 64″ Throw

We’re going to take our time with this one. You’ll learn how to foundation piece strip sets accurately and efficiently, make the 4 types of blocks, and get those offset seams to line up. I have lots of tips and tricks to share with you along the way!


Week 1: Pick your fabric, get your pattern, print your foundations, plan your coloring sheet
Week 2: Cut
Week 3: Make Thick Strip Sets
Week 4: Make Block 1s
Week 5: Make Thin Strip Sets
Week 6: Make Block 2s
Week 7: Make Blocks 3s & 4s
Week 8: Sew blocks into pairs
Week 9: Sew pairs into quadrants
Week 10: Finish quilt top

How to Quilt Along

Share your progress on Instagram using #glitchalong. That’s where you’ll find the weekly photo prompts, livestreams, and more! Sign up here to be eligible for prizes, and get the weekly emails with tips for the coming week’s fun.

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What You’ll Need

The Glitch Pattern: PDF or PAPER
Paper to print or copy foundation templates
Fabric requirements:

fabric requirements for Glitch quilt pattern by geeky bobbin

You can buy kits with the paper pattern and beautifully curated fabrics (all the math done for you!) from Purple KATZ Quilting and Mashe Modern.

Weekly Prizes

Quilt-alongs are a great way to connect with other quilters and make new friends, but sometimes it’s nice to have a little extra incentive to keep you on track! Check out our amazing sponsors!


Because you might not have everything you need to make your Glitch quilt, our sponsors are here to help! Stock up on fabric, rulers, patterns, thread, fresh rotary cutter blades, pressing mats, and more! Once you sign up, you’ll get an email with exclusive discount codes to Purple KATZ Quilting, Stache Fabrics, Troll Brothers Quilt Designs, and Mashe Modern!

There will be more discounts offered only in the Glitch-Along emails once we get things started.

Join the Glitch-Along

Inspiration pictures

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for frequently asked questions (and their answers!).

I can’t wait to see how your Glitch turns out!

Join the Glitch-Along

8 thoughts on “Glitch-Along

    1. Hi Karen, I am in Toronto. Most of my customers are in the US so it makes things easier for them. Send me an email and let me know what you’re trying to buy and I’ll see if I can help you out!

  1. I do not have an Instagram account? Is there any other way to share as we go along before I join?

    1. Hi Luann, you’re really missing out! There’s such a great quilting community over on Instagram. You’re welcome to share your own progress on other social networks, but all the giveaways and bonus challenges will be on Instagram. You can set up an account just for quilt alongs. Many people do!

  2. Struggling to use Instagram. Been registered forever but I cannot “repost” “I’m Sew Totally In”. Really need some lessons on Instagram. I have been a follower of Gudrun on GE Designs for ages. I am one of her Crew members on Facebook too. LOL

    1. Instagram is frustrating when it comes to reposts! I’ll include instructions in the next email!

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